Learning from failure - the interview with Yannick Kwik

Aleksandra Rzewuska: FuckUp Nights are unique events because of their idea. Participants are talking about … their failures. From 2012 up to now your movement has engaged a lot of inspired people across the globe. Why people would like to hear stories about someone` s failure?

Yannick Kwik: Everyone finds Fuckup Nights useful on a different way, some find motivation on the talks, others learn from this mistakes, others just want to have fun!

A.Rz: It`s not that you created a group of support? Someone is coming to the event, sharing the experience and finding out that the failure was not so bad. What is the goal of this project for audience and for speakers?

Y.K.: We want to create a cultural shift around failure. Demonstrate it is not fatal, and that there's actually a lot to learn from it.

A.Rz: How many cities have you included in FuckUp Nights? Which was the first one?

Y.K.: The first one was Mexico City in September 2012, We are now present in 145 cities in 54 countries.

A.Rz: You are an Operations Coordinator and International Development of FuckUp Nights. What is your role in this project?

Y.K.: I do a bit of everything, but I mainly work on the international expansion of the movement, boarding new cities and coordinating the active organizers.

A.Rz: Who can contact you and take part in a project as a speaker?

Y.K.: Anyone!

A.Rz. Now after describing the great success of FuckUp Nights could you please tell which failure did you remember the most and why?

Y.K.: The biggest fuckup I remember is getting fined from Getty Images because I used a photo for a Global poster with out paying it's licence. It was my first month working for the movement.

A.Rz. Thank you for the interview. 


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